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Custom watches

In our website you will find the best luxury custom watches available in the market. We have been selling custom watches for many years and we are committed to provide the best service and the watches.

In our website, we have over 5000 different watches that you can buy. Choosing your custom watches is not easy but we have created categories in order to make this task easier for you. We have custom watches for more than 50 different brands including the biggest brands like Rolex, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Breitling and Audemars Piguet. Inside this brands there are also other sub-categories depending on the watch models available.

The two brands that stand our from the rest are Patek Philippe custom and Richard Mille custom. This two categories are the ones that our users are more interested in. It is not strange that only this two categories have almost 1000 watches available, over 400 watches on each category.

Our custom watches have been created with the best quality materials in the market. This are not cheap customs that you can find in some websites for $50 or less. The customs you will here are top quality customs from China. Most of the watches are so similar to the genuine watches, that you will be able to exchange parts between then. We have heard from some customers that have changed the crystal, the dial or the bracelet to put the genuine in their custom watch and get even a greater feeling of wearing a luxury watch.

Custom Watches

Some terms have become very common when trying to differentiate the quality of different custom watches. AAA custom is used to say the watch is of high quality. Another reference for this is 1:1 which is used to show that the custom is the same as the original. While this has been used to know if a watch is of better quality, now some websites use this term without understanding the correct meaning which makes it more difficult to know the exact quality of the watches.

Our custom watches are from China and are of the best quality you will find in the market. We have access to several factories in China that provide us with the highest quality customs and those are the ones you can buy in our store. You can call them AAA custom or 1:1 custom as there is nothing better our there.

To know exactly which quality we provide, you can just check our pictures. The watches we delivery are exactly the same as the watches on the pictures. For each watch, we provide high quality pictures where you can see all the small details in the watch. With this, you can check the watch quality by looking at the picture and comparing it with any other watch. We are currently also adding videos for many watches so you can have more information available about every watch before you buy it.

Custom watches from China

Our watches come from the best factories in China. We have access to the biggest custom factories in china that provide the highest quality custom watches at affordable prices. On top of this, we provide you with the information about which factory made each custom watch so you can choose the custom you prefer.

Many customers already know they want a custom watch from China factories. This customers will be able to search for their watch model and find which China factory has created that custom. Some of the most well known factories are Noob, JF factory or Z factory.

In the name of each watch you will find the letters to identify the factory. It will usually be 2 or 3 letters like ACF, ZF and so on. It can also happen that some custom watches from China are created by different factories. In that case it is possible to have the exact same model available from two factories. Sometimes you can even find several version of the same watch by the same factory. This is because they improve or change certain parts in the watch.

Luxury Custom watches

Wearing genuine luxury watches is something that not everybody can do. Luxury watches cost tens of thousands of dollars and that is not the kind of money everybody can spend. This watches are used mainly by celebrities, athletes and other wealthy people.

But luxury custom watches have a lower price and everybody can afford to war one of our luxury watches. Our customs are so good, that most people will never be able to tell the difference between our luxury customs and a genuine watch. Most of the time only a watch smith will be able to tell the difference after taking the watch apart or after looking at it meticulously.

Our luxury watches are much more than just a copy. These customs have been created with advanced techniques and using top of the notch materials and equipment available in the best china factories. This allows us to provide the best quality at cheap prices. There is no question that wearing our customs is a luxury that is available not only to celebrities, but to everybody.